Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ten hand and nail care rules

it is said that a lady hands are the most accurate indicator for their age and these days there are even surgery available hands looking young keep! Our poor hands and nails suffer badly in the winter only when you they want to look after large Christmas! To sell their best searches take a look at these top hand and nail care rules.

Gummihandschuhe Gewöhnen on wearing gloves when it any housework. Cleaners and dirt are hard on the skin and nails to protect them each time. Even when a delicacy housework for your hands can by you moisturizing your favorite cream, before you put on gloves!

Dry your hands thoroughly dry you your hands after you your nails are completely dry your shower or bath and never file until they or you will damage.

Enjoy a healthy diet make you sure are biotin (vitamin B), calcium and zinc in your diet. Biotin strengthens the nails. Calcium may be the most important addition to women over 30: it holds the bones strong and naturally your nails. White spots on the nails can on a zinc deficiency.

Keep your hands using hydratisierten moisturizing cream every day on your hands. Try for extra healthy nails massage vitamin E oil in your Nagelhaut. You should choose a moisturizing cream SPF with a minimum of 15 during the day. At night with a beautiful, submit the hand cream and weekly coat of moisturizing cream with oil (vitamin E or also olive oil) and take some cotton gloves during the night for a deep conditioning.

File your nails correctly "sawing" action to your nails on their strongest file in one direction instead of one, and forth, which is weaker and more vulnerable for fractions.

Locate push your Nagelhaut your Nagelhaut back after a shower or bath. You can do with a towel them dry, while, or use one orange-stick coil with a little cotton wool to the end. Be gentle or you will damage it. Never cut your Nagelhaut.

Use always a, paint on the painting you avoid color with the color your nails with a primer coat. Try for something ernährt and strengthens go. They're fantastic Sally Hanson.

Polish Remover avoid acetone and formaldehyde with acetone or formaldehyde nails are extremely dry. Use to remove acetate-based place.

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